Juwel Rio 240 – 7 Level Product Assessment

The Uniqueness of Agel

Agel (as in “ageless” or “a gel”) was based in 2005 as an answer to on a regular basis nutrient absorption. Founder Glen Jensen was laying in mattress enthusiastic about the way to technologically advance the well being and wellness business, and he got here up with Suspension Gel Expertise, or no less than the thought behind it Best jewelry.

Athletes pound gel packets for enhanced efficiency simply earlier than massive competitions. So what if on a regular basis individuals might do the identical? That is how the thought shaped.

The merchandise declare to be revolutionary. The corporate states that tablet types of nutritional vitamins find yourself sitting within the system earlier than being digested by the physique. However the gels permit for speedy vitamin absorption.

Their product ranges differ, from gelceuticals to facial merchandise. The gelceuticals are a variety of small gel packets, used for varied functions: elevated power, vitamin consumption, urge for food suppression, lack of free radicals, higher total well being, improved immunity, detox, wholesome joints, coronary heart safety, and eventually a “magnificence enhancer.”

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